Monday, March 1, 2010

College students still babies in conservaworld

The right-wing wave that dominated Congress in the '90s and '00s was full of stupid answers in search of snappy questions: Law after law was passed that infringed on basic liberty but didn't actually solve any problems.

Among them was the right-wing new law that allowed colleges and universities to report students' disciplinary matters to their parents even if the student is at least 18. Because 18-year-olds are adults, this violates longstanding privacy protections.

All this from so-called "small government" conservatives.

And institutions of higher book-learnin' are taking advantage of this rogue law at a record pace!

At Virginia Tech, for instance, officials have begun notifying parents of alcohol violations by their adult children.

Civil liberties advocates should be fighting this on privacy grounds. One of the fundamental precepts of law is that 18 is an adult, period. No binding law can set the age of majority any higher. It can set it lower, but not higher. Furthermore, the law that lets colleges notify parents of adult students' violations conflicts with privacy laws.

The law allowing parental notification should be considered null and void anyway, as it was passed by a rogue, scuzzo Congress that took power through election fraud.

The Congress of the late '90s that passed this law was instructed many times over to gag on their own piss. "We, the people" get to make these decisions on what Congress does. The right-wing Congress of the time forfeited its rightful powers by cheating at the polls.


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