Saturday, March 6, 2010

Taliban comes to Amarillo...seriously

Folks, it's happened.

We now know what the American Taliban looks like, and it's in Amarillo, Texas.

Repent Amarillo calls itself a "Christian" organization, but it's actually a militant hate group that raids people it deems "sinners." Repent Amarillo's targets include environmentalists, progressive groups, breast cancer events, Halloween celebrations, gays, "liberal" churches, schools, and other people and organizations. The group's website features a "warfare map" - a street map showing its many enemies.

I can't think of anything quite like Repent Amarillo in modern American history. I thought that group of whackjobs in Cincinnati that marched in front of legitimate businesses and accused them of selling drugs was bad - but at least that group didn't carry such obvious threats of outright civil war. And Fred Phelps's sick cult is smaller and far less successful at accomplishing its goals than the Texas group is, so it's not an apt analogy either.

To give you an idea of how extreme and out of control Repent Amarillo is, its members recently donned military fatigues and raided a swingers' club. Repent Amarillo stalked members of the club, rummaged through their trash, and exposed them to co-workers.

Repent Amarillo also shut down a play about Nazi Germany and accused a nature preserve of promoting witchcraft.

As far as anyone can tell, authorities haven't done one damn thing to prosecute Repent Amarillo for its terrorizing of the city - despite the group's illegal acts.

It gets worse: Repent Amarillo's leader happens to be a guard at a nuclear bomb facility. How the hell did this dangerous dumbfuck ever get a security clearance?

So this is what the Free Republic idiots have come to?


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