Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Week 30 of POOP

As this feature logs 30 weeks and counting, it underscores how companies these days won't even support their own products.

This is especially true of computers. I seem to recall that the maker of a computer I had wouldn't even provide folks with technical support after they had their machine more than a few months - unless they paid a hefty support fee.

Is that any way to run a computer manufacturing company?

If you're going to sell a product, the least you can do is support it.
Google's refusal to answer complaints on its help forum is similar. You don't provide a service and then just ignore complaints. That's bad form.

You can argue that Google is really just an advertising service and that its real customers are advertisers - not users. But Google wouldn't be able to sell ads if it didn't have users!

It's like when listener protests erupted when 'American Top 40' abandoned the Hot 100 (a chart that had been the show's bulwark since its inception). Producers of 'AT40' argued that the show was just trying to keep its affiliate stations and its advertisers. But it wouldn't have had affiliates or advertisers if it didn't have...listeners!

And the countdown continues, folks.

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