Monday, March 15, 2010

Tim Brown's Blog (Why Today Stinks)

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I'd like to welcome readers of my personal blog - known as Tim Brown's Blog (Why Today Stinks). My personal blog had been hosted on Pitas since 2003. However, I've just learned that Pitas has apparently gone out of business (as its domain name has expired and has not been renewed), so my blog on that site is no more.

So from now on, The Online Lunchpail will be picking up my personal blog's slack. Every Roads Scholaring, every public bunker blast or bubbling, and any other personal observations from the files of the Great Royal Tim will be posted here! Nothing like mixing business with pleasure!

Luckily, I think I was able to rescue all entries from the old blog except the most recent. So all that work is not wastage bastage indeed!


  1. This is sad news. That blog was much better than the pail. It had great original content.

  2. The Online Pail is pretty good, usually. But Blogga Blogga Blog is Bandit at his best.