Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Bill would lower pseudoephedrine limit (sigh)

As much as the Democrats have tumbled into the abyss in recent years, the Republicans always manage to stay 10 steps ahead of them in futility and sheerly psychotic ideas.

The latest GOP bill in the Kentucky legislature proves it once again!

Right-wing Sen. Robert Stivers has sponsored a bill to lower the already-low limit that controls how much over-the-counter allergy drugs you can buy. It would also make it so anyone convicted of certain drug offenses wouldn't be allowed to buy any Sudafed at all for 5 years.

All this from the so-called "less government" party. When the Republicans say they're for less government, all you need to do to debunk this claim is to mention this bill. That should shut them up for a while. We know it won't shut 'em up, but it should.

You know this bill won't do anything to curb meth, because the prevalence of meth labs actually increased when they first imposed a Sudafed limit. These laws accomplish nothing except to inconvenience innocent people.

It's ironic that Stivers was also a lawyer for Republican politicians charged for selling dope. I don't fault Stivers for that, because GOP politicians deserve defense attorneys just like other criminals do, but the irony is hard to miss.

The War on Drugs - particularly, this ridiculous crackdown on Sudafed - is an exercise in chasing the wind.


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