Wednesday, March 3, 2010

East End...Do what you wanna do...East End...When those LeftMaps days ain't through...

Damn, the Far Right hates it when I do this!

They hate it, hate it, hate it!

And that's why I keep doing it.

I call it LeftMaps. It's my side job of drawing bicycling maps of Cincinnati area neighborhoods. LeftMaps is really a suburb of this blog, so to speak.

I've now completed yet another LeftMap: the one for the western half of Cincinnati's East End neighborhood. East End runs for miles along the Ohio River and offers much of interest to you, the hard-working fan of this blog. This is the twelfth LeftMap I've finished - for I've split Highland Heights into 2 maps due to its expanding land area.

These 12 maps are comple-le-le-le-lete!

One map was enough to truly peeve the Far Right, so just think what 12 can do!

To see these maps, point your pooper here:

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