Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Court says death threats not free speech

Gee, ya think?

You know society has sunken pretty low when some spoiled baby makes a serious legal claim that death threats are protected by the First Amendment. But here we are.

Recently, students at a private school in Los Angeles spread a false rumor about a classmate being gay and made death threats against him. The victim of this campaign was forced to move out of town.

When the victim sued, the harassers actually claimed that death threats were protected free speech. Seriously, they said that.

No court was dumb enough to buy that argument. A California appeals court has now laughed this defense clean out of the courtroom.

What's really amazing is that the court's ruling was only 2 to 1 instead of unanimous. Where did they manage to find one judge who actually accepted this outrageously idiotic defense? Basic law classes make it clear that death threats aren't constitutionally protected. Even when I studied broadcasting in college, this was one of the first things we learned.

The fact that there's now such a culture of entitlement among the nation's elite that they tried claiming First Amendment protections for death threats against a classmate shows how far the country fell under all those years of Reagan and the Bush crime family. Nobody set boundaries for these spoiled brats, and now it's coming home to roost.


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