Thursday, March 11, 2010

Elections have consequences

Just a brief reminder of the link between politics and general quality of life...

Someone on another website has posted this observation:

1990-1994 was a liberal era
1995-2004 was a conservative era
2005-2009 was a liberal era

Isn't it interesting that the conservative era coincided with the era in which life sucked the most? The era from 1995 through 2004 was made of suck.

One hundred percent pure suck!

The era includes everything from the 1996 telcom act, the welfare "reform" law, and the economic "boom" hoax to the rise of terrorism, the Iraq War, and the fascist Patriot Act. And everybody has their own stories of personal struggles that dominated that era.

If the Evil Empire ever tries to win back its foothold, I will fight them. I learned a lot of things the hard way from the lost years.


  1. It's all in your imagination. You were no better or worse off during the last "conservative era" than the present "liberal era."

    The telcom act, the economic boom, the war on terror, Iraq war and Patriot Act haven't affected your life one bit. Not one bit. You have a mental block that makes you think anything branded "conservative" harms you like radiation, but it's all in your head. Maybe welfare reform has affected you, but only if it's because you can no longer get it because you were on it too long.

  2. Bull fucking shit. The last conservative era was the worst time in modern American history, bar none.

    And there was no economic boom in that era. That was a hoax created largely by the right-wing media.

    Plus, I was never on welfare. I worked for the phone company and the Department of the Interior.

  3. Let's face reality...conservatism is a failed ideology. No amount of sugar coating will change that.

    1995-2004 were bad times in this country, and I think deep down everyone knows it.

    I'll be on the front lines to fight it if it comes back.

  4. Except for those on welfare, everyone pretty much agrees welfare reform was necessary. You delivered phone books for a couple weeks a year. What did you do for the Department of the Interior?

  5. If people agreed it was necessary, then post a poll that proves it.

  6. Wild Bill (Bandit's former next-door neighbor)March 11, 2010 at 4:17 PM

    If Bandit's crazy, well then I say we need more crazy folks running this country!