Monday, October 18, 2010

Another poll shows failure won't be rewarded

I saw an interesting quote on another blog the other day. It said something like, "America is drifting left - but will our presumed betters allow it?"

Public opinion is indeed trending leftward, but the other side is trying to tell us we can't have it. The media is trying to write a narrative that says the upcoming election will be a Republican wave - but I saw a poll yesterday that seems to confirm that it won't be.

Earlier this month, I blogged here about a poll that showed that Republicans are losing support among self-described moderate voters. The poll I saw yesterday also forecasts a river of waterworks among the GOP fold: According to that poll, 76% of Obama voters plan to vote Democratic in the looming House elections, while 8% plan to vote Republican. At the same time, 71% of McCain voters plan to vote Republican, while 9% plan to go Democratic. So that's actually a gain of several points for the Democrats. (Furthermore, Obama has higher approval ratings than any other President of the past several decades had at this point in their first term.)

As I said before, if polls of individual contests don't bear this out, it's because they use a likely voter screen that is now nothing short of discredited. Other blogs have gone over this over and over, but the media has a narrative to tell, so they're sticking to this flawed screening method.

The biggest foreteller of the Republicans' doom though isn't a poll. Rather, it's a very simple fact: The Republicans ran the country for decades and proved they couldn't govern competently. But in the 21 months since they've been out of power, America has seen the most sustained economic recovery in 30 years. The American people couldn't possibly be so fucking stupid that they'd reward the Republicans for their past failures by returning them to office. I've seen plenty of weird things happen in my time, but I've yet to see anything that weird.

If the elections are honest, it ain't gonna happen. Simple as that. You know it and I know it, so let's cut the bullshit.

Even now, with the election only 2 weeks away, the more people see of the Republicans (a party that seems to have rebranded itself as the fascist Tea Party movement), the less they like them. As if they didn't hate them enough already.

If the pop-up media can't even see what's in plain sight to everybody else, that's pretty sad. I personally suspect the Republicans are going to get their clocks cleaned again, and I'm almost certain they're not going to retake Congress. Our media overlords are about the only people who haven't figured this out yet.

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  1. "America has seen the most sustained economic recovery in 30 years."

    You are a profound moron.