Sunday, October 3, 2010

Cat Food Commission wants bailout for corporations

The Cat Food Commission is our name for the congressionally mandated committee charged with reducing the deficit - which to them means slashing Social Security and Medicare. We call this Republican-dominated club of elites the Cat Food Commission because by looting Social Security, they would force senior citizens to live on pet food (instead of receiving the money they paid into the system).

Now the Cat Food Commission wants a bailout for corporations and the rich - in the form of more cuts in corporate taxes and the capital gains tax. The capital gains tax cut would benefit only the wealthy - and corporate tax cuts would of course benefit only corporations.

This from a deficit reduction committee??? Anyone with some semblance of a brain should see that you don't balance a budget by reducing your stream of revenue. It doesn't happen. Period. If you could balance a budget that way, then why are there any taxes on anything?

I'm sure the Cat Food Commission knows this - but they just don't care.

This coincides with news that many of those who'd benefit from this handout have already bilked the taxpayers by abusing the unemployment system. New IRS figures show that in 2008 alone, nearly 3,000 millionaires claimed jobless benefits. Although they had at least $1,000,000 in income, they received a total of almost $19,000,000 in unemployment benefits.

Oh, so I guess they're idle rich, if they made $1,000,000 but aren't employed. Just another reason why the Leona Helmsley crowd on Facebook that hates the poor needs to have their yips slammed tight.

The IRS refused to publish data for 2007, for fear the millionaires' identities could be detected. Tough shit. These millionaires are spending our money. Maybe they should have to be fingerprinted like kids at school do if they receive a reduced-price lunch.

In summary, the Cat Food Commission wants to loot Social Security and Medicare to pay for handouts to corporations and wealthy individuals who already got unemployment benefits they don't need.


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