Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Man brutalized for disagreeing with Eric Cantor

Embattled right-wing Virginia congressman and all-around troublemaker Eric Cantor tolerates dissent about as well as Bush or Rand Paul or Alaska's Joe Miller do - i.e., not very well. (This is the same Eric Cantor who made up that ridiculous story in which he falsely claimed somebody shot at his office.)

In Louisa, Virginia, a local Democratic activist showed up at what was advertised as a public Cantor event at a coffee shop. (The event was not private, despite media reports.) When he arrived, town police and county sheriff's deputies were promptly called. Although the man did nothing violent or disorderly (and had an invitation to the event), cops violently knocked him to the floor and brutalized him.

The incident was caught on video, so don't lie about it, teagaggers:

Then the cops arrested the person who recorded the incident, even though he was on a public sidewalk.

Later, the man who was arrested in the coffeehouse observed, "The Louisa County police department was basically used by Eric Cantor's campaign to make a political statement." Well, of course. That's what Republicans do. They abuse public agencies to carry out their agenda. They like to complain that the government's too big - then they get "elected" and prove it by suppressing dissent and imposing their views on the public.

Meanwhile, the Cantor campaign vandalized Democratic opponent Rick Waugh's car with a racist slogan (hence the icon at the top of this entry).


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