Friday, October 8, 2010

Lawn Chair Quarterback: "There's No Wa!"

Shit breaks, man.

Back in my day, shit didn't break as much. But these days, shit breaks like it's going out of style! You name it, it breaks!

Americans work hard, yet most things they spend their hard-earned money on are a pile of dust within a month. The problem has become progressively worse for 30 years.

For this week's 'LCQ' episode, I go on location in Covington, Kentucky, to talk about when objects render themselves utterly ru and destructo. In particular, I discuss a water bottle that sprang a leak and wasted all my priceless wawa:

Corporatism means shoddy goods, wasted money, and spilled water. Here's hoping we can someday return to the days of quality goods!

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  1. Everything you buy now is cheap junk from China. We need to start manufacturing quality merchandise in the US and A again.