Thursday, October 21, 2010

Art-burner James Aiona

Keep an eye on this right-wing idiot.

Hawaii Lt. Gov. James Aiona is the Republican candidate for governor. And he is a fucking nutcase.

He has admitted to being part of something called Transformation Hawaii - a chapter of the International Transformation Network. The International Transformation Network is a "ministry" that (among other things) advocates burning native art. Because the ITN hates gays, the group has also been involved with legislation in Uganda that attempts to exterminate the country's gay population.

The difference between this and what the Taliban did is...? Well, nothing. The Taliban also destroyed art - as did Nazi Germany.

The ITN's view is that native beliefs stand in the way of the ITN's agenda of trying to impose beliefs on native people. So - in the eyes of the ITN - native art must be reduced to ashes.

As lieutenant governor, Aiona also led a Transformation Hawaii religious ceremony at a public school and had it broadcast statewide. I guess he's just like Christine O'Donnell in having never heard of separation of church and state.

So this is where the Republicans are at these days. They've abandoned all semblance of sanity and have become totalitarian loons.


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