Thursday, October 21, 2010

DCCC = wusses

If the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee isn't willing to support Democrats, who in the party needs 'em?

The DCCC has yanked all its support from Florida's Alan Grayson - even though this contest was actually more competitive than some in which the Democrats are running DLCers who were much more likely to lose.

This proves once again that Democratic "leaders" don't care about electing anybody effective and will abandon candidates because they deem them too liberal. It's just like the time they abandoned that candidate in Missouri because he supported legalizing marijuana. Or how the DLC intentionally sabotaged that special election in Hawaii this year by running their own candidate, which split the Democratic vote.

The DCCC wants Taliban Dan Webster to defeat Grayson, I guess. I know a lot of folks consider Grayson's win last time a fluke, but that's still no excuse.

The only poll that showed Taliban Dan winning by a commanding margin was a Republican internal. At least one other poll showed Grayson leading by just as much. So Grayson would still have a pretty strong chance if the DCCC didn't abandon him in order to save Blue Dog hacks who aren't worth shit anyway.

America doesn't deserve an idiot like Taliban Dan. But maybe the DCCC does. If Taliban Dan wins, I'm going to be pointing one finger squarely at the DCCC. Not like that'll ingrain the DCCC with any sense, because they've got pretty thick skulls.

Now do you understand why I switched to the Greens?

Democratic "leaders" refuse to draw blood, so I have to do it for them.

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