Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Back in the U.S.S.R...I mean Facebook...

Early this morning, I discovered something rather odd.

As you may know, I deactivated my Facebook account 2 months ago, primarily because I was sick of all the whining by right-wingers there and the fact that Facebook kept yanking the accounts of people who disagreed with them. But today, I found that Facebook had reactivated my account without my permission.

In doing so, I discovered another one of Facebook's lies: Facebook says that if deactivated accounts are reactivated, all your personal information and settings are saved and will be waiting for you. However, Facebook deleted all my personal data. So they lied.

It's dawned on me why I've never had my account pulled when others have. Facebook has deleted my posts - which culminated when (at the request of the local school system) they deleted a post I made criticizing my former middle school. But my account has never been yanked. That's because I used Facebook enough that it was generating ad revenue for them.

Here's the good part: Almost all ads on Facebook are right-wing. So - with my account reactivated - guess who's paying? Right-wingers, that's who. Granted, the revenues go to Facebook, but Facebook isn't going to be around for much longer anyway once something halfway decent replaces it.

Because now I know Facebook reactivates accounts without permission, there's not much point in deactivating it again, since they'll probably just activate yet again. So now that I'm back on Facebook, I'm really lowering the boom against the right-wing crybabies who generally dominate there.

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