Sunday, October 31, 2010

Taliban Dan thug assaults dissenter

In Orlando, Taliban Dan Webster is the Republican challenger against incumbent Democratic congressman Alan Grayson. Grayson is a generally effective lawmaker but is one of the most electorally vulnerable incumbents, because the media hates his guts.

Now Taliban Dan has taken a page from the playbook of Rand "Stompy" Paul.

A man showed up at a Taliban Dan rally displaying a Grayson sign. When Taliban Dan began speaking, Republican big shot Bruce O'Donoghue promptly jumped off the stage and physically attacked Grayson's supporter. O'Donoghue crumpled the Grayson sign and appeared to be trying to take a swing at the man.

Once again, this assault was caught on video (so the teabaggers can't lie about it like they do about everything else):

If O'Donoghue assaulted me like that, I would have broken his fucking jaw.

Ironically, Taliban Dan was speaking of how "positive" his campaign is while this altercation was going on.

Why are establishment candidates like Taliban Dan and Ku Klux Rand even serious contenders? That's because this really isn't even an election. It's an auction. The Citizens United ruling dumped gabillions of corporate dollars (much of it from foreign corporations or even dictatorships) into right-wing campaigns.

(Also, does anybody else think Taliban Dan looks sort of like Newt Gingrich?)


  1. That's awesome! Thanks for sharing all these humorous tales of thin-wristed Democrats who are completely unable to find for themselves. Keep up the good work, tim and keep posting these stories!