Thursday, October 21, 2010

Dick Armey sez: You cheated!!! Waaaaah!!!

Now I remember why I hated this right-wing fuckchop so much.

It's still 12 days until Election Day, and Dick Armey is already proving what a sore loser he is. Presented with the fact that Democrats are voting at a better rate than Republicans in states that have early voting (a fact that debunks the media's narrative of a Republican wave), the hapless Billy Joel look-alike whined that this is nothing but vote fraud by the Democrats.

So voting is fraud now?

Dick, grow up! Stop being such a baby! Your side is discredited, and you know it. So shut up and go away.

Although right-wing waterworks over an election that hasn't even happened yet seems relatively new, throwing a fit about the actual results isn't. In every single cycle lately - even when the Republicans win - right-wingers make baseless claims that their opponents have committed voter fraud. In all cases that I know of, these claims are debunked.

In fact, Armey himself claimed it in 1996. On election night, he gave a drunken TV interview in which he ranted and raved about the media taking Alabama away from the Republicans - even though nobody disagreed that the GOP won that state.

In a saner world, morons like Dick Armey would just dry up and blow away. But it's the media that gives him a platform for his sour grapes.


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