Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Shocker! Tea Parties support big government!

The fascist Tea Party movement claims to support smaller government. According to them, this is their very reason for being. And the media is always happy to feed this claim.

But anybody who witnesses their rallies knows better. I've seen them distribute handbills demanding sterilization of welfare recipients and deliver speeches advocating a 23% national sales tax. I saw it with my own two eyes, and if they want to say I'm making it up, I've posted photographic evidence on this blog before.

And now (shocker!) a new poll confirms that the Tea Party thugs support expanding government - not reining it in.

The American Values Survey conducted by the Public Religion Research Institute says Tea Party thought guardians are much more likely to support restrictions on personal conduct than the general public is. The survey shows that the Lipton Lugnuts generally share the Religious Right's views on culture war issues like gay marriage or government sponsorship of religion.

In other words, they claim to be for smaller government, yet they support policing what people do in the bedroom or what religion they're allowed to follow. I'm reminded of the "war is peace" mantra from '1984'. In Tea Party land, "less government" means more government.

In summary, the Tea Party movement IS the Religious Right - if not worse. Same shit, different name. More specifically, the Tea Parties are the progeny of both the "values voters" of the 2000s and the right-wing class-baiters of the 1990s. They represent the right wing of both axes of an ideological graph.

Gee, conservos. If you're gonna be conservative, pick one axis - or neither. One or none. It makes no sense to support deregulating Big Business while expanding restrictions on personal behavior.

Hell, if I was the Campbell County Judge-Executive, I'd legalize gay marriage right this minute. I'd love to see the Tea Parties' reaction to that. That'll show the county how "small government" they really are, won't it?

If you want to see the Nastea crowd throw a fit over something else, legalize marijuana. I'd almost trade my left arm to see the looks on their stupid faces if that happened!

(Source: http://www.reuters.com/article/idUSN0519766420101005)

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