Saturday, October 2, 2010

More about Supertrampgate

A few days ago, I told you about the IFPI lying to YouTube about whether a snippet of the Supertramp song "It's Raining Again" in one of my videos was fair use. YouTube promises to forward all counter-complaints to the original complainants, but when I submitted my counter-complaint, YouPube announced that it had declined to send it to the IFPI. So YouTube lied too.

But I'm stretching out my reportage of the IFPI's perjury - to humiliate the IFPI to the maximum extent possible.

There's one dynamic to this story that was obvious a week ago, but I didn't make light of it then because I was saving it until now. And it's this: The IFPI targets videos because of politics.

Bloody well right, it's true!

There are several instances on YouTube of the video of "It's Raining Again" being posted by others. Not just 10 seconds of the song, but the entire song and video! Some of these have been up for 4 years. Yet the IFPI won't go after those.

That's proof positive that the IFPI targeted me because of the political content of my other videos. Absolutely not one iota of doubt about it.

If there's anybody the government ought to lower the boom on, it's liars like the IFPI who commit perjury by making bogus DMCA complaints and who systematically target folks because of their political views. As a foreign corporation that abused its privileges, the IFPI should be banned from operating in America lickety-split.

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