Thursday, October 7, 2010

GOP wants Obama investigated after Tea Party cover is blown

When the Democrats are in the White House, the Republicans are all about investigate, investigate, investigate. They can't deal with losing, so they investigate the party that wins. They'd rather investigate political foes for bogus reasons than get shit done.

With the discovery that the head honchos of Koch Industries are major bankrollers of the "grassroots" Tea Party group known as Americans for Prosperity, the GOP is throwing a fit that their cover is blown. So now Koch and the Republicans are blaming a particular Obama administration official for allegedly disclosing Koch's tax status. Seven Republican senators are calling for an investigation of the Obama White House over this.

Big problem with the Republicans' witch hunt: Koch's tax status was already public record. Nobody in the Obama administration divulged any secret information. If it seemed like it was such a secret before, it's only because the media had neglected to expose it.

Gee, Repubs, if you don't like the message, don't attack the messenger.

The real scandal is that a corporation like Koch is funding a fascist movement - not the fact that somebody dared to find out about it using public records.


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