Wednesday, October 27, 2010

No enthusiasm gap on 'Sesame Street'! ('Sesame Street' Wednesday)

Even the 'Sesame Street' kick-ass crew knows what an important kick-ass patriotic duty voting is.

The ol' Ses takes democratic republicanism seriously. Now, 'Zoom' might be a military dictatorship (because all the kids on the show dress alike), and 'Mister Rogers' Neighborhood' is obviously a traditional monarchy (with King Friday XIII and all). But on 'Sesame Street', your vote counts!

This segment from the 1983-84 season proves how democracyish the ol' Ses truly is:

Notice how - unbeknownst to Big Bird - election officials have turned his digs into a polling place, as shown by the sign on his door that prohibits electioneering. Not like people always obey these signs. I've seen right-wing activists campaigning at the polling place here, even though it's illegal.

Vote for 'Sesame Street'. It's too important to stay home.

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