Thursday, October 14, 2010

Taliban Dan the Social Security-slashin' man

Florida's Dan "Submit To Me" Webster is one of the most worthless pieces of shit running for Congress this year.

The Republican politico is known as Taliban Dan - a fact highlighted in a campaign ad for Democratic incumbent Alan Grayson. (Grayson's commersh is by far the best campaign ad I've found this season.) When Taliban Dan tried debunking the ad by posting the entirety of the speech that was quoted in the ad, all this accomplished was to prove that Taliban Dan was even worse than the ad made him appear.

Taliban Dan came across as a totalitarian whack-a-doodle in that speech, but even that doesn't do justice to his serial meanness. Taliban Dan also wants to make senior citizens PAY BACK past cost-of-living increases in their Social Security. He could just as easily be called Kal Kan Dan.

No, I'm not making this up. Taliban Dan is that much of a scuzz.

When you think the Republicans can't get any more extreme, they always do, don't they?

So let's get this straight: Under Taliban Dan's plan, an elderly person who has seen their Social Security benefits increase because of inflation would now have to PAY BACK the increase they got. Yep, that's what Taliban Dan said. That's Taliban Dan's ridiculous idea, not mine.

Taliban Dan's idea isn't even on deficit reduction grounds. He simply thinks Social Security recipients shouldn't have gotten an increase, period.

This ranks right up there with the time some right-wing lawmakers about 10 years ago wanted to create special entitlement programs for descendants of slaveholders as "reparations" for the government "taking" their slaves under the Emancipation Proclamation. Only in conservaworld can the government make Social Security recipients pay back their benefits so slaveholders' descendants can be reimbursed for slavery being banned.

Incidentally, Taliban Dan has also been endorsed by a frequent speaker at white supremacist events - which isn't too surprising, considering the racism that pervades the Republican Party these days.

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