Tuesday, October 26, 2010

More Rand Paul crybaby thuggery

Rand Paul is a thin-skinned little baby who can't take any criticism at all.

After several people on YouTube posted the video in which Rand Paul's thugs (one of whom turned out to be one of his county coordinators) brutally beat a young woman, the Paul campaign promptly complained to YouTube to get the video pulled. Naturally, YouTube complied - calling the video "violent."

Violent? I think the assault by Rand Paul's brownshirts was violent. The video was only documenting their thuggery. This is as bad as when we had all these Taliban followers trying to censor "violent" video games, when they did nothing to stop real-life violence.

So Rand Paul not only hates the Civil Rights Act and the Americans with Disabilities Act, but he also hates free speech.

Can't take any criticism, Rand? Tough shit.

Luckily, I'm from Kentucky - so if Rand Paul wins, I get to keep an eye on him and his thugs. Thankfully, he's not in Hawaii or some other state where I'd have no chance of watching him like a hawk. Even more thankfully, the Christine O'Donnell disaster guarantees the GOP won't win back the Senate regardless of Paul's performance.

What I find even more amazing is that when Jack Conway ran an ad criticizing Paul for kidnapping a woman, the media fell over itself to attack Conway just for bringing it up. Reminds me of when some whack-a-doodle senator whined about being "outraged by the outrage" - as if criticizing somebody's scandalous behavior is worse than the scandal itself. How nice of the media to make this decision for us.

I'm watching you, Rand. Win or lose, this is the wrong state for your bullshit. Just ask your Tea Party friends what happened to their rally in Wilder, Rand.

Try me, tough guy.


  1. From reading the last couple posts on here, Tim, it almost sounds like you won't be voting for Rand Paul. That can't be what you mean to imply!

  2. Maybe if he wasn't so fucking weird, he might have this thing wrapped by now. Still, I wouldn't vote for him even then.

  3. "Thankfully, he's not in Hawaii or some other state where I'd have no chance of watching him like a hawk."

    I'm sure he's shaking.