Friday, October 22, 2010

Windfall for Juan Williams

I guess in conservaworld, once you make unfair, judgmental comments about entire groups of people, you've got it made!

After Juan Williams got fired by NPR for his remarks about Muslims, it was no bother for Williams. Fox News just went right ahead and rewarded him with a $2,000,000 contract (which is a massive increase from his previous salary).

I guess all you need to do to win a lucrative contract from Fox News is make a stupid statement that gets you in trouble somewhere else.

As the right-wing furor over Williams's firing unfolds, Jim DeMint has introduced a bill to punish NPR for firing Williams by cutting off all of NPR's funding. Trouble with Jim Demented's bill is that NPR doesn't get any federal funds to begin with. (It's funded by member stations.) But Fox News does: It's called the Telecommunications Act of 1996, which was a bailout for right-wing media.

Maybe we need to stop funding Fox News by repealing the 1996 Telecommunications Act, which was passed by a fascist Congress anyway. If Congress won't act, the states must.


  1. I agree with Tim, it's good to see that this guy ended up getting a big raise from his other employer after being fired when NPR overreacted. After all, even Tim makes unfair, judgmental comments about entire groups of people right here on this blog just about every day!

    One footnote though, the Telecommunications Act did not give any federal funds to Fox News.