Friday, October 29, 2010

Lawn Chair Quarterback: "Laughing Gas"

On Tuesday, I had several teeth pulled. To accomplish this, the surgeon's crew provided laughing gas - also known as nitrous oxide.

Laughing gas is called laughing gas because it makes people laugh. But it's not a toy, and you shouldn't be playing around with it. I once read that laughing gas was discovered by accident by some scientist who inhaled it and noticed that he became unusually jolly as a result. He probably started laughing every time somebody mentioned 'Sesame Street', because after all, 'Sesame Street' is funny.

When I was being given the laughing gas, I did indeed start laughing. I began thinking about Republicans losing elections, which made me laugh. So I had those teeth pulled with a smile on my face!

If the GOP does indeed lose this coming Tuesday, I will laugh even more than I did when I got the laughing gas. It couldn't happen to a more deserving party.

In the meantime, our latest 'LCQ' episode talks about laughing gas and its use in dentistry:


  1. "If the GOP does indeed lose this coming Tuesday"

    Define lose. Losing seats? Getting very few seats? Not getting a majority? Getting a small majority?

  2. BEcause the last one is the most possible one.