Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Grover wears underpants ('Sesame Street' Wednesday)

'Sesame Street' is a topsy-turvy world where nobody ever acknowledges the existence of underpants. It's as if underpants were never even invented. They don't even seem to understand the concept of underpants on the ol' Ses, as monsters walk around in their birthday suits (or surrounded by a trash can).

But Grover has finally broken the silence.

In one fairly recent segment, we learn that Grover has mistakenly ordered 1,000 pairs of underpants instead of just one:

Is it just my imagination, or is Grover really masturbating at 1:00?

As for the underwear, I'm surprised Grover was ordering any at all. I just thought he strolled about Sesame Street with everything just hanging out. Or maybe he wears thong underpants that are so skinny that they just get buried in that jungle of blue fur.

Grover. He will cut your taxes!

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