Thursday, October 7, 2010

Obama to veto right-wing notarization bill

There's gobs of stories that should be covered by this blog, but aren't, because I've been bogged down lately by health issues. But here's one that just came out today, and it speaks volumes about the power of big banks in Congress...

Congress recently passed - with no debate whatsoever - a Republican bill that would have forced states to accept questionable notarizations from other states. This would have made it harder for people to challenge bogus foreclosures.

But the Obama administration is taking a stand for the rights of consumers and the states' autonomy by vetoing this bill.

If congressional Democrats want to maximize their approval ratings, they need to vote against this bill when it's returned to Congress for the override vote.

What's amazing is that - even with an ostensibly Democratic Congress - it's so hard to get worthwhile bills passed, while this shitty bill sailed right through.

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