Monday, August 31, 2009

9th Circus allows offshore drilling

The right-wing U.S. Court of Appeals for the 9th Circuit has rarely met a major corporation it didn't like.

This federal court has probably never met a major oil company it didn't like. This is the same court that gutted most of the ruling against Exxon regarding the Valdez spill.

On Thursday, the 9th Circus issued a ruling that allows Shell Oil to resume its offshore drilling in Alaska's Beaufort Sea. This ruling favors the Bush regime's ridiculous contention that an environmental impact assessment wasn't needed for Shell's oil exploration.

This decision also guts the autonomy of local villages that oppose this offshore drilling.

On and on continues the matchbook law that has generally defined the 9th Circus lately.

Bush's totalitarianism aside, it's astonishing that Shell tries to get folks to think we can drill ourselves out of a looming energy crisis. All the oil is going to be used up eventually anyway, so by not investing in alternative fuel instead, Shell is accomplishing nothing except creating an energy shortage that our grandchildren are going to be forced to deal with.



  1. When reading this fabulous blog, it's only natural to wonder "what did Tim Brown leave out this time?"

    Tim often complains about the 9th court, and he always blames George W. Bush appointees. But he never mentions that of 27 judges, only 7 were appointed by the 43rd president. Counting H.W. Bush appointees, there's 9 "Bush judges." There's two Reagan appointees still serve on the court, including the chief judge. The rest are Clinton (13) and Carter (3) appointees.

    The 9th court covers some of the most liberal parts of this country and has a reputation of being very liberal.

  2. Out of 27 judges, the 9th Circus only has 3 who were appointed by a President who did not lean to the right.

  3. It's your special way of perceiving things unlike anyone else that keeps the People coming back for more, Tim.