Thursday, August 27, 2009

Duke declares war on browser lock!

Anyone who has a computer that's more than 2 years old and runs Internet Exploder is probably eminently familiar with the scourge of browser lock.

That's when your browser starts running very slowly no matter what steps you take to remedy it - and slows down other programs too. It gets to the point where you can barely use your computer.

A bout of browser lock can usually be delayed for the rest of the day by restarting your computer.

Well, about 30 minutes ago, Duke Energy saved me the effort of moving my arm to restart my machine, when the electricity went out for no apparent reason - again.

No storms, no rain, no wind, no nothing. Just another good old-fashioned Duke power outage. Maybe they'll blame it on a snail crawling inside their transformer again.

Methinks it's time for me to switch electric providers. Wait, I can't. Duke is a private monopoly. Oops. Unless we want to go without power, we're required to buy energy from this union-busting outfit.

Wow! Capitalism!

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  1. Tim, you've been told dozens of times not to use Internet Explorer.