Friday, August 21, 2009

Aw, does the Enquirer need a huggy-poo?

After I exposed the Cincinnati Enquirer's efforts to suppress dissenting comments on its website, this far-right rag seems to have instituted some new methods of policing dissidents.

Now it's run a piece from one of its editors lamenting the lack of civility by commenters. The article complains that "anonymous trolls spoil the discussion with hatred, cruelty or boorish behavior."

It also boasts that the Enquirer will now be monitoring and moderating comments - but that this "probably won't eliminate the venom that seeps in."

Well, guess what? It hasn't. It's the EnCRYrer, after all. The nasty, spiteful comments by right-wingers continue. I suspect the new policy is just a ruse to asphyxiate dissent against the Enquirer's right-wing agenda.

This is the same Cincinnati Enquirer that has run pieces praising the Kids Helping Kids cult that recently went out of business after its abusive practices came to light.

It's the same Enquirer that runs puff pieces extolling Geoff Davis's supposed greatness.

It's the same Enquirer that continues to promote the so-called Freedom Concerts organized by Sean Hannity and Ollie North, even after North's "charity" (which claims to help soldiers' kids) has been exposed as a scam. (This "charity" received an 'F' grade from the American Institute of Philanthropy. I calculated that only about 0.66% of the cost of a concert ticket goes to the scholarship fund - while at least 5 times that much goes to paying officials of this "charity.")

Despite the gnawing right-wing editorial stance that defined the Cincinnati Post (which no longer has a print edition), I'm starting to appreciate the Post more and more.

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