Thursday, August 20, 2009

Ugh! UHG!

Early in the Tea Party movement, it came out that the rallies were bankrolled by right-wing think tanks and corporations.

The BTPers adamantly denied this. They said that these public temper tantrums had no corporate or think tank backing whatsoever. They lied.

Now it's been revealed that a major health insurance corporation is directly promoting the Tea Parties - by urging employees to attend them.

Just this month, United Health Group - one of America's biggest insurers - sent out a letter to workers telling them to call the company's "advocacy specialist." The job of UHG's "advocacy specialist" is to tell employees what to say in messages to public officials.

UHG employees were then given a list of events hosted by the right-wing America's Independent Party. One caller was told to attend a so-called Tea Party that opposed health care reform outside the office of Rep. Zack Space (D-Ohio). This event was sponsored by a Religious Right activist.

If UHG is able to use its Tea Parties to gut health reform, this will prove again that the melding of government and corporations is nearly complete.


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