Thursday, August 6, 2009

Freepers still defending Kim Jong-il (more Freeper Madness)

As Free Republic embodies all that is wrong with the conservative (bowel) movement, one can count on it to reveal the inner workings of what remains of the conservative mind.

Freak Rethuglic certainly is not patriotic. In June, regulars of that site defended North Korea's right-wing dictatorship when it imprisoned 2 American journalists.

Freepers continue to defend Elvis impersonator Kim Jong-il's regime and its imprisonment of the reporters.

One Free Republic regular said of the journalists:

"So if they crossed into NK illegally, why is anyone mad at NK?"

They had to ask this?

That's like asking why anyone is mad at that county in Pennsylvania because it tried sending a teenager to lockup for months for wearing a Joe Canadian t-shirt.

Also regarding the incarcerated reporters, another Freeper expressed hopes that "these two leftist loons stay in prison."

Free Republic cultists are the enemy within.

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