Monday, August 24, 2009

Enquirer blasted for promoting Tea Party

Ollie North's "charity" scam isn't the only questionable event promoted by the Cincinnati Enquirer lately. Now the embattled daily paper has resorted to reprinting Tea Party press releases verbatim - to promote the BTPer circus next month.

This event will be held in a far northern suburb, which is out of my territory. They know they can't keep holding events on Fountain Square and expect me not to spend the next week laughing at them. At least now they'll be among their own political ilk.

A commenter on the EnCRYrer's website observed:

"Any chance a reporter from the Enquirer will be on hand to take notes and cross reference with facts? Who am I kidding, that would require more than copying and pasting memos received from deceitful organizations. God forbid you post an article that challenges the views of the only people that still buy this rag."

Ha ha, in your face, Enquirer!

I wonder how many minutes will go by before that comment is deleted for disagreeing with the Enquirer's right-wing stance.

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