Sunday, August 9, 2009


You know what's truly "downright evil" and a "death panel"?


Sarah Palin attacks Obama's health care reform plans, but Palin's own administration in Alaska couldn't even clean up its own front yard.

The Palin regime mismanaged Alaska's health program for the disabled and elderly so spectacularly that it's facing lawsuits and a colossal backlog of cases. It's so bad that federal officials have ordered the state to stop signing up new patients - making Alaska the only state to receive such an order.

During Palin's reign, almost 300 Alaskans died while waiting for their needs to be assessed.

One wonders whether the Palin administration didn't intentionally mismanage the program to "prove" public health care didn't work. Then again, PalinCare isn't a truly public system. Unlike some other states, most of Alaska's health system for those most in need is farmed out to private contractors.

I wonder if these contractors aren't the same greedy corporations who control the rest of civilian health care. No wonder so many people have died just waiting to be seen by a nurse. The corporate-run American medical system is synonymous with long waiting lists and backlogs.

That's what America can look forward to if we ever see a President Palin (like that has a chance in hell of happening).


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