Thursday, August 6, 2009

GOP forwards angry calls to Democrats

What if your congressperson had a town hall meeting and a Tea Party broke out?

Crashing and heckling lawmakers' town hall meetings is one of the latest campaigns by the right-wing brain trust. Like the recent Tea Party public tantrums, it too is bankrolled by corporations and right-wing lobbyists.

This has prompted angry phone calls by constituents to the Republican National Committee - which has also helped fund the attacks.

So what does the RNC do?

It forwards all these calls to the Democratic National Committee.

It reminds me of when Storer Cable kept forwarding calls by angry cable subscribers to the Fort Mitchell police. It also reminds me of the Republicans' public hooliganism during the 2000 Florida recount scandal.

All this does is prove what we already knew: the Republicans have become a juvenile thug operation with no ideas.

Remember when there used to be (gasp!) laws against phone harassment?


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