Friday, August 7, 2009

Lawyer submits phony birth certificate

The GOP sore losers may have just pulled their dumbest stunt yet.

Some self-styled legal eagle is suing to have the election overturned because the Republicans lost. As part of the "evidence" for overturning the election, she has submitted what she claims is an authentic Kenyan birth certificate showing that President Obama was born in Kenya.

But this was debunked instantly.

The birth certificate purports to have been issued by the Republic of Kenya - even though there was no country by that name in 1961 when Obama was born. In 1961, Kenya was a British dominion - not an independent republic.

The certificate also claims Obama was born in the city of Mombasa. But Mombasa wasn't part of Kenya yet in 1961. It was part of Zanzibar.

In other words, this birth certificate is a poor fake.

It was quickly found that this forgery was probably based on a 1959 Australian birth certificate prominently featured on a website.

Oh, it gets funnier!

The judge wouldn't even accept this submission because the lawyer made so many errors in submitting it - mistakes that shouldn't even be made by anyone with more than a few months of law school.

It's astonishing that this is the party that ran the country for 28 years. If they can't even submit a legal document on the right paper size, how is it that they were allowed for decades to run the most powerful country in the world?

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