Saturday, August 29, 2009

Article blasts longer school calendar

Hell freezes over: The online-only predecessor of the Kentucky Post actually ran a piece against the scourge of year-round school:

Granted, that article was by an outside writer, not one of the Post's own editorialists. Still, it's unusual to see the Post tolerating such dissent, considering how the paper seemed to become an avid cheerleader for year-round school.

The longer school year that has plagued Kentucky lately has not improved academics, and it has helped stymie the state's economy.

I think the more important point may be one that wasn't touched on by that piece: By lengthening the school year, schools don't intend on improving academics. Their aim is to keep students under their cult-like control longer. I am convinced of that.

Even if you don't believe that's the goal of year-round school, it's the effect nonetheless. There's considerable proof that this trend has cost Kentucky some of its best and brightest by locking them into a rigid schedule instead of letting their talents bloom.

How to stop this nonsense? Visit this fine website:

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