Monday, August 10, 2009

Honduran coup bankrolled by Bush agency

The illegal June coup in Honduras that toppled democratically elected President Manuel Zelaya was bankrolled largely by an agency founded by George W. Bush.

The Millennium Challenge Corporation was started by the Bush regime in 2004 - ostensibly to combat terrorism. But it does little other than dump U.S. taxpayer dollars into "free trade" models abroad - thereby exploiting other countries' people and resources.

In the months before the Honduran coup, the MCC flushed millions of taxpayer dollars into Honduras. This followed Zelaya's public support of a national referendum regarding a constitutional convention.

The MCC's board of directors includes not only Republicans like right-wing former Sen. Bill Frist but also diehard DLCers like Hillary Clinton. One of the MCC's biggest backers is the Heritage Foundation, a far-right think tank that has laughably described the dictatorship in Singapore as one of the freest regimes in the world. Indeed, the Heritage Foundation boasts that the MCC allocates funding using the same formula employed for the Heritage Foundation's bogus ranking of the freest countries.

A 2007 report by the Government Accountability Office (Congress's investigative agency) cited the MCC's program in Vanuatu as an example of its funding of large business while doing very little to help the poor.

And it's all on our dime. The Millennium Challenge Corporation is funded by the U.S. taxpayers to pursue an ideological agenda.

Or to pursue a more impressive bank statement. Members of Congress have also noticed that the MCC hoards much of the money it gets. I suspect though that this is for funding future putsches.

Bush ruled America for 8 years with an iron fist. Now his agency wants to rule the world.


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