Thursday, August 13, 2009

Kentucky to be first state to outlaw Sudafed?

Maybe you haven't heard, but expanding the failed War on Drugs is a dumb idea.

We know the drug war is ineffective and is actually a price support for drug gangs. And the more harmful a law is, the more urgently we need to abolish it.

But this is lost on the big shots who lead this failed war. One drug warrior who works in Kentucky urged the state to ban over-the-counter pseudoephedrine allergy medicine altogether. "In my opinion, that's the next step we're going to have to do," he gloated.

Yeah, because we've all seen how well tougher laws against these medicines work. Wait, they haven't worked. All these laws do is punish innocents, such as parents with sick kids. They haven't curtailed meth one bit.

My solution: Repeal the recent laws that require you to show an ID and sign a log just to buy Sudafed. We didn't have these laws 20 years ago, and meth abuse was far less prevalent before these laws passed. Just as significantly, drug cartels are getting rich off the new laws.

If Kentucky bans pseudoephedrine drugs, think of the black market it would create for drugs that have always been legal. Also, this would make Kentucky the first U.S. jurisdiction to issue a total ban.

But other countries have banned it already, at the urging of the Bush regime. The conservative administration in Colombia is set to impose a total ban that takes effect in 2011.

Yay! Imperialism! (That's sarcasm, everyone.)


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