Friday, August 21, 2009

Wells Fargo GOPer arrested for pointing gun

Big Business and government have become as inseparable from each other as salt is from piss.

Challis McAffee is a local Republican chairman in Idaho. He also helped organize those comedy routines known as the Tea Parties.

McAffee also works for a contractor hired by noted phone harassment mill Wells Fargo & Co. He bops about town and takes photos of homes that Wells Fargo says are past due on their mortgage.

Now McAffee is facing charges of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon following an altercation he started at his Wells Fargo gig. While photographing a house, the homeowner peacefully asked him what he was up to. Instead of giving the man his business card and explaining his activity, McAffee promptly pulled out a gun and threatened him with it. McAffee admits pointing the gun at the man.

The homeowner is now looking into legal action against McAffee and Wells Fargo. He said McAffee wouldn't have been near his home if it wasn't for "Wells Fargo strong-arming people." Which I'm sure is true, seeing how arrogant Wells Fargo was about its ongoing harassing phone calls to me - even though I've never even been a Wells Fargo customer. (Wells Fargo continued harassing me even after the Kentucky Attorney General's office sent them letters ordering them to stop.)

Challis McAffee is a false prophet of limited government. The homeowner in this story was within his rights to peacefully ask McAffee about his activity. McAffee is not entitled to point a gun at someone and claim it's just part of his job. The equally important point is that his Tea Party involvement pretty much dashes his pretenses of supporting smaller government. Many of the signs and speeches I've seen while monitoring the Tea Parties in Cincinnati smack of more intrusive government, not less.


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