Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Frida look-alike challenges Boxer (and is losing!)

Since the other side is in campaign mode 100% of the time, let's have some fun at their expense!

Carly Fiorina is the right-winger who gave that horrible, horrible speech during the 2008 Republican convention. (Yeah, I know: Which horrible, horrible speech?)

Fiorina headed Hewlett-Packard for several years. To hear the Republicans talk, you'd think she invented the Action Cam. But she's nothing but another out-of-touch corporate executive.

As a measure of Fiorina's arrogance, peep one of her infamous quotes: "No American has a God-given right to a job."

Uh, according to who? I guess we have a God-given right to sit at home and live off the fat of the land then. Unless she says otherwise, I'll interpret her statement to mean just that.

Maybe I'll just quit my job and not put out another book, and mooch off everyone else for a living. Carly Fiorina says it's OK, so why not?

And she's running for Senate against Barbara Boxer?

Of course, Republicans think they're owed that Senate seat that Fiorina is seeking. They think they're owed every public office. Why, they're the Republicans, you see, and are privileged and special.

But I don't think America has much to worry about. A poll conducted by Research 2000 says Fiorina is down by 21% against Boxer. I don't expect this gap to tighten much, as the Republicans just keep getting more and more idiotic.

The funny thing is that this is one of the seats that the Republicans keep bragging is in their grasp. If this is the most likely GOP pick-up, they may as well just pack it in and save themselves a lot of ridicule.


  1. She is correct, there is no such "right" to have a job. You have a right to SEEK employment, but if you want a job, it's YOUR responsibility to make sure you have skills employers need, a good work ethic, etc.

  2. Having a job is as much of a right as looking like Frida is.

  3. That's right, Tim, I'm glad you agree.

  4. Because looking like Frida is a constitutionally protected right, I'm not agreeing.

  5. How's that a constitutionally protected right? That would mean everyone's entitled to drastic plastic surgery to make themselves look like Frida.

  6. Nobody's saying you can't have plastic surgery to look like Frida.

    I know that your lifelong dream has been to look like Frida. And nobody's stopping you.

  7. Does she look like Salma Hayek?

  8. No, she looks like Frida who was in Abba (circa "I Know There's Something Going On").